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The super vacuum store has been selling and installing central vacuums in the Rochester, Auburn, Buffalo, Hornell, and Pittsburgh area.  Have a central vacuum question?  call us or chat now.

Central Vacuum

Beware! before you buy any central vacuum From an online retailer.  Read Below

All online central vacuum stores tell you how great of a warranty they have on their central vacuums..Don't be fooled!  Their warranty is you freight the product back to them at your expense.  AND YOU PAY SHIPPING AND PACKAGING BOTH WAYS, OUCH!

At The Super Vacuum Store we will GUARANTEE to beat any price on any central vacuum product you find online, and we will warranty it in any of our 13 locations.

When choosing your brand of central vacuums, it is important to know the facts.  On line retailers are trying to rip you off.  They do this by taking manufactures central vacuum models and changing the model to their own.  They then give it false power ratings (airwatts) that don't exist.  Consumers never know when they receive there new central vacuum that it may not have the power rating you thought.  

Central Vacuum Units

The Super Vacuum Store is a dealer for all the major central vacuum brands.  If you don't find it on our website,  Just call your nearest store and our team of experts will assist in helping you choose the correct unit for your application.

Whether your in need of central vacuum for a new construction home, existing home, or commercial application we can assure you of our expertise.

Attachment kits

The Super Vacuum Store carries many brand central vacuum attachment kits.  We always recommend testing and using the products before purchase.  Some are louder than others, and some feel as if they are self propelled across your floor.  Stop in, to our Rochester NY, Buffalo NY, Auburn NY, or Pittsburgh PA stores today.  See the difference a good attachment kit can make.

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